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The Truth About The Current Maldives Exodus

The Truth About The  Current Maldives Exodus
Written by Subhash K . Jha

Of late there has been a virtual  exodus into the azure paradise  of the Maldives.  Journalist Barkha Dutta  has  even criticized the trend of stars posting pictures  of their Maldives visit.

A prominent  young actor laughingly sets the  matter of  meditating in  the  Maldives   by spilling the beans.“But they’ve to  post the  pictures of their  activities  in  the Maldives.  It is part  of  the deal.” He tells me.

What deal? I ask  curiously.

“The package deal for this  Maldives  vacations. The stars are  being lured  into free vacations on condition that they post pictures of  their experiences,” the actor informs, adding that he refused the  tempting offer as  it seems a little  vulgar to be splashing in the lap of luxury at a time when there is  a worldwide panic over a  pandemic.

Going by the  number of Bollywood stars who have  vacationed  in the Maldives during the past  couple of  years, the  oceanic paradise , the  breathtaking  beauty spot, has indeed  transformed into the  no 1 touristic attraction on the  globe.

Why just Bollywoodians  ? Even Priyanka Chopra’s brother-in-law Joe  Jonas  took his newly-married wife  British actress Sophie Turner  to the azure haven in  the Maldives  for their honeymoon.

Priyanka Chopra a frequent flyer to Maldives  is whispered  to have  got  her bro-in-law an all-expenses  paid honeymoon  . The  trip, it is rumoured, was in-house as long as  Joe and Sophie let the world know they had a ball in Maldives.

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If truth be  told, it doesn’t take  much for a celebrity  to win  an all-expenses paid vacation to the  Maldives. All he or she has to do in return is let the world know  there is no better  place to unwind. And  in many ways, that is not a false endorsement.The Maldives is a stunningly scenic and serene  place to vacation.

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