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Will Disney-Hotstar Release Mulan In India?



Disney’s big-ticket  super-hero film Mulan about a teenaged Chinese female warrior, is facing  a virtual boycott in many parts  of the world. Its young  leading lady Liu Yifei  went on  record to show her support for the Hong Kong police which has  been cracking down brutally on protesters.

And now after a call  for a boycott  , will  the film get a theatrical  release in  India ?

A  source  in the know says  it is  a difficult  situation in more ways than one. “Firstly, because  of the pandemic  Mulan opened  the worldover on both the OTT platform and in theatres. In India Mulan is not available on OTT as Disney-Hotstar wanted to preserve the  film’s novelty and excitement for theatres. But now,  that seems  like a foolhardy decision. Because theatres  show no sign of  re-opening. And even if they do, WHEN  they do open,  these worldwide protests  against the  lead actress could prove the final undoing of Mulan.”

Here is some  unsolicited  advice for  Disney-Hotstar: put Mulan on  the digital platform immediately , because  fans are in any  case downloading the  film from  other countries and watching it. Waiting for  theatres to re-open in India could be an arduous  and time-consuming  exercize.

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