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Trailer Of The Girl On The Train Is An Al-kohl-ic’s Tale



Trailer Of The Girl On The Train Is An Al-kohl-ic’s Tale 10

 The American film The Girl On The Train about a  lonely disoriented  New York commuter who  gets  embroiled in  a murder , gets on its  trip with Parineeti Chopra stepping into Emily Blunt’s Oscar-nominated role. Parineeti  makes sure  she’s nominated  too. Any woman actor playing an alcoholic with  a smudgy kohl look  surely catches  every awards’ jury ‘s attention. The last time a performance by a tipsy kohl-miner got praised was Katrina Kaif in Zero.

Parineeti is all over  the place  in the trailer. She is eager  to make an impression as  an alcoholic who stalks  Aditi Rao Hydari and probably kills  her. We don’t know  for sure. So far except for Kajol in Gupt I haven’t seen  a leading lady who is a murderer.

The  trailer shows that the  turbulent drama has moved from NY to London without any transit damages.  Director Ribhu Dasgupta knows his thriller well. This  seems to be one of the more  skilled adaptations  of a foreign  film in recent times with  Kirti Kulhari nailing it as  the investigative officer  mumbling to the Al-kohl-ist, “Aur kitna jhooth  bologi tum?”  Which actually sounds like, “Aur  kitna  piyogi tum?”

 Some  of the dialogues in the trailer seem translated from the  English.  “Tum sure ho tumne usse HURT nahin kiya hoga?”

No one uses the the word hurt for murder in Hindi. At the  end  of  the trailer  I can only say one thing for.  Ribhu Dasgupta ne original  film ko hurt nahin kiya. The rest, we will see on Netflix when the  film premiers  on  26 February.

Trailer  rating: ***

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