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TV Buzz: Sanjeevani may come back with a fresh season



The ongoing season will end with a ‘lovely’ surprise and 2 new cameos.

It is not the end for Sanjeevani – on prime time, as made to believe. Not only are there talks for a brand new season but this show is also planned end with a few surprises and two cameos thrown in. This information was divulged by the serial’s creative producer and director Siddharth P Malhotra.

With regard to the ongoing season, Malhotra added that the audience loved the new pair – Gaurav and Surbhi. “In fact, there’s a fan divide and while some love #Navisha, others like #Sidisha and this division of fans would not have happened had the audience not likes Gaurav and Surbhi. “

When asked whether a change of time slot played a role in the serial going off-air, Malhotra replied in the negative.  “No, no, the change of time slot wasn’t the reason at all.  The Channel took the call which is always the case and there were some branding issues apparently.”

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