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“Uninformed , Illiterate  & Disrespectful,”  Bollywood To Send Government A Petition  In Protest…Will  Kangana  Ranaut have To Return Her  Padmashri?



Padmashri Kangana Ranuat

She  may be the shortest-lived Padmashri in  the  history of the Padma  awards. It looks  like Padmashri  Kangana Ranaut may have to return her Padmashri just days  after she made her damning declaration on India having got her freedom  in 2014 rather than 1947.

 The clamour for redressal is growing almost  by  the  hour.

One now hears  of  the Hindi film fraternity  coming  together to send a  letter  of protest to the Prime Minister  Narendra  Modi  against Kangana’s latest  crimebomb.

When I  contacted Taapsee Pannu she said, “She is  too irrelevant for me to comment  on.”

But Ms Ranaut’s other  bete noire  Swara Bhaskar minced no words when she said to me, “What Kangana said equating our independence to ‘bheekh’ was uninformed, illiterate and disrespectful. It was a toxic and poisonous statement rightly condemned by any rational sane minded patriotic Indian.”

In a tweet on Friday Mahatma Gandhi’s  nephew the eminent scholar Tushar  Gandhi wrote,  “Padmashri Kangana Ranaut is a agent of hate, intolerance and rabidity. It is not surprising that she feels that India got its freedom in 2014. Hate, Intolerance, Sham Patriotism, intolerance and oppression were liberated in India in 2014.”

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