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Varun-Natasha Wedding Festivities, As Described By A Guest



 In spite of the rather eclectic  and a  severely selective  guest list, guests at Varun Dhawan’s wedding are  having a ball.

I spoke to  one of them who didn’t  want to be quoted. That guest shared some details from the   venue. “We have been requested  not to  reach out to  the media.However  I can’t say no to you. It’s all going smoothly. The  planning is  almost perfect. Not too many guests and  personal attention from the family to all. I can see Varun’s friends  and I can also see people whom I don’t recognize. They must be from the bride’s side.”

 The invitee gives full credit to Varun’s family specially his elder brother. “Rohit is  looking  after everyone  so well .His Dad is  being given an absolutely stress-free schedule. He(David Dhawan)  doesn’t have  anything to worry about.He just has  to relax and enjoy his younger son’s  wedding”

 As  for  the bridegroom  , the  invitee says he’s super-excited. “Varun toh aise bhi har cheez main excited  ho jata hai.Abhi toh jaise  uski lottery lag gayee hai. Even by his excitable standards  I’ve never seen Varun so  happy.He’s  running around like  a child, more like the bridgeroom’s kid brother than the bridegroom.”

 When asked to  name the  star invitees the guest  polite;y  refused. “We’ve been requested not to talk about the names of  the guests. Some of the guests are a surprise.”

Like director Kunal Kohli? “Yeah. But it turns out he is  Varun’s  cousin. He is Varun’s mother’s sister’s son.”

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