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Vikram Veda Producers In A Panic Mode As Boycott Call Trends



Vikram Veda

After  the  call to boycott  Aamir Khan’s  Lal Singh Chaddha  it  now the turn  of another  biggie  to  face the  brunt of  the social  media’s wrath.There  is   a  call  now to  boycott the  forthcoming crime thriller Vikram-Vedha  a big-budget Hindi  remake  of  the  2017 Tamil  cop-and-gangster  blockbuster of the same title  starring Hrithik  Roshan and  Saif Ali Khan, the  reason being  Hrithik  Roshan’s praise for  Laal  Singh  Chaddha.

Now  the  producers of Vikram-Vedha , directed by the  husband and  wife duo  Pushkar-Gayathri  are in a panic mode. Would the  boycott call  affect their  film?Damage-control is being planned with Hrithik and Saif  promoting the film intensely  in  key centres of  India  before  it releases on  September 30.

R  Madhavan  who starred  in the original Tamil version of the film says, “If the film is  worth seeing  nothing and no one can stop it from being successful.”

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