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Vishal Krishna’s Next Chakra Releasing On OTT This Diwali



 After  successfully  combating the Coronova,  Tamil superstar  Vishal Krishna is back  in  action. His latest  film is the actioner Chakra and it’s  being readied for  a Diwali release.

“We are in discussion  for  an OTT release. But it’s definitely releasing this Diwali. We’ve just a few  days of shooting left,” says  Vishal who  successfully fought the Cornova.

“More than  me, it was  my father whom I was  most worried  about  .We  both  pulled  through. Now I am  back shooting for Chakra.All precautions in place.We are a  crew of  35 people, all practising  the safety measures,” says  Vishal, adding that  he  doesn’t see  movie theatres  re-opening  for  another one  year.

 “That’s how it is, and the  movie industry needs  to  get used to it,”  says Vishal. The star-actor runs an  NGO which is  looking after  as many needy technicians and artistes as  possible. “If there  are  Covid deaths, there are also an alarming  number of suicides. It is heartbreaking to see the lower middleclass suffering so much. I  feel really sad about the  situation.”

In Chakra Vishal  fights corruption in  politics. “There is corruption and cheating everywhere. Even an everyday thing like ordering food at the restaurant , we get charged unbelievable  amounts  of taxes. Where  does this  money go? Today our  money is being taken away  without our knowledge.”

Chakra will open this Diwali.  “Hopefully  my fans  will give it   the same love from  their  homes that  they would have given  it  in the theatre.”

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