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Manoj Bajpai Speaks On His Music Video On Migrants



Manoj Bajpai

The  multi-talented Manoj Bajpai has now turned into a video rapper, thanks  to a  new music video where Manoj is seen  singing a Bhojpuri song Mumbai mein  ka ba  about the plight of migrant workers  from Bihar and UP in Mumbai after the  Covid 19 Lockdown.

Says Manoj, “For me doing a music video was very exciting as it was going to be directed by Anubhav Sinha  who is quite an old hand in the genre.He started his  career as a  director with  music videos.So it is a  return to his roots  for him whereas  for me   it  was a completely  new experience. Getting to experiment with the craft and the look was quite interesting and yet very challenging.”

How difficult  was  it for Manoj to sing in   Bhojpuri? “It’s easy to express myself in Bhojpuri because I still think in Bhojpuri .That’s the language we brothers and sisters,  Mai(Mother) ,  Babuji(Father)  interact in and yes,  that’s my mother tongue.”

 So is this  video  a precursor to  a full-fledged  feature film with Anubhav Sinha?

Manoj  says he is open to the idea. “It’s up to Anubhav to think of something that would make our collaboration worthwhile.I am sure that he will offer me a  great film and a role as soon as he will have one.”

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