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Vivek Agnihotri’s Bhopal Faux Pas “The Video Clip Was Taken Out Of Context”



Vivek Agnihotri

Vivek Agnihotri is currently the most wanted filmmaker  in the country,  if not in the universe. Everyone wants to  own  or disown  him or just pull him down for fun or  fame.

A viral video  now has  the people  of Bhopal  as  well as  the gay community  gunning for  the Kashmir Files  director.

 In   the video Vivek Agnihotri says, “I have grown up in Bhopal, but I am not a Bhopali. Because Bhopali has a different connotation. You can ask any Bhopali. I will explain it to you in private. If someone says he is Bhopali, it generally means he is homosexual, a person with Nawabi likings.”

The director now faces  police complaints and  powerful politicians’  rebukes.

 When  asked about his comments  Vivek Agnihotri told me , “What  can I  say  about an  out-of-context manipulated video.”

 He  agrees there is  most definitely a concerted  effort to dig up dirt against him. But Vivek is undaunted.  “We live  in a  strange world where anyone who tries to show the truth is brought down. His credentials , his political  correctness, even his  qualifications as a  filmmaker are questioned. I  am  not listening  to the  professional  haters and abusers , most of whom have not even seen  The Kashmir Files. I would rather  concentrate on the lakhs who have seen  my  film and have experienced a life-changing emotion in getting to know what  actually happened to a whole community  of people while the world turned its face away.”

“There is  so much work to be done, so any peaks to conquer, so much prejudice  and bigotry to be overcome. Why are we wasting time in  manufactured controversies?” Vivek Agnihotri wonders.

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