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“We Must Learn To Value Our Freedom.” Singer Adnan Sami Implores Fellow-Indians On His Birthday



Adnan Sami

On  the  day India  celebrates  75 years of freedom, singer Adnan Sami turns  50.He flew out of  Mumbai  to  a foreign  destination  with his  wife Roya  and little daughter Medina

“Just for two days. I wanted to be away from home with my loved ones  to  feel the full force of  turning  50, ha ha. In spirit I’ve never felt younger. My 4-year daughter Medina keeps  me  on my toes  constantly.She is  very excited about my birthday. ‘Papa Papa what are  you getting me on  your  birthday?’  she  keeps asking.”

Adnan is  very proud of his  daughter. “She is just 4, and she speaks  three  languages  fluently. With me she speaks in Urdu and Hindi,  with her mother she speaks in  English  and with her Naani, Medina switches effortlessly to Pharsi.”

Besides Medina the  best thing to  happen to  Adnan Sami  in recent years  is his Indian citizenship. “I have travelled to every part  of  the world.  The  minute I touch down  in India,I feel   I am home. It’s  an indescribable feeling. That sense  of belonging is what gives me my identity and  the impetus to  keep  doing  the right things. My father who  was  an army general in the Pakistan, also felt  the same  way .He was  the  happiest with my  decision to  adopt Indian citizenship.”

Adnan sadly feels Indians  don’t value their heritage and freedom. “Look at  the variety  of  food,cinema and culture in India… My god!  Food habits  change after every 5 miles in India. With  due  respect , in the USA, whether  you go to New York or Los Angeles you get the same hamburger.From Chhola to Sambar,  from Naan  to Dosa,in  India the cuisine is  completely  different in any two cities. There is much to learn and partake  from. Sadly we take our  country  for granted. We  don’t even realize the value  of  freedom.  Go to Pakistan to realize how  precious Indian democracy is. Look at what’s happening in Afghanistan. Indians need to  protect their freedom and democratic values.I  see here is  discontent. No  appreciation for  what we have.That’s because freedom was handed to us on  a  platter.”

 On his birthday Adnan  has a very important message for  his fellow-Indians. “Learn to value  the  enormous cultural  and religious diversity in India. We Indians  take our freedom for granted. This  must change.At the same time we are  a very caring people.Look at how  Indians surged  forward  to  help  the needy during Covid.”

 Any birthday wishes? “To continue to sing. To make my country and  my late father  proud. I wish  my  children would  go  further in  life  than me. My son Azaan who stays  in Pakistan with his mother my first wife Zeba,is doing well for himself  in music. He just  called to wish me on my  birthday.As  for Medina she  has a lifetime ahead to decide what she wants to  do in life. Kuch bhi  karo kuch bhi bano ek achcha  insaan bano.”

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