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Will David Dhawan’s Coolie No 1 Succumb To Digital Temptation?



While the  rest of Bollywood was  going blissfully digital David Dhawan’s Coolie No 1 was  on a different  trip altogether ,  repudiating the OTT  platform firmly and immovably.

When I  repeatedly  inquired about  Dhawan  opting for  an OTT release he a tad  testily counter-questioned,  “You tell me. Would  my audience  and  my son Varun Dhawan’s audience like it if  we release  Coolie No  1  on digital? Some  experiences are meant  for  the large screen.”

 But now  according to  latest reports  Dhawan’s resolution to steer cleer  of  the OTT platform is wilting.

Sources say  a major  OTT  platform has offered Dhawan  75 crores for  a digital  premiere  of Coolie No 1.Apparently for  the  first time ,  David Dhawan is  tempted.

Before the theatre  exhibitors  accuse Dhawan of betrayal , a friend  of  the  director defends  him. “David  is  one of  the few directors who had  vowed  not to resort to a digital release. But how long can he wait  for  theatres  to open? It’s not likely to happen this year. What  is the point of holding on  to a  finished  product for  a year when David can make another  film by then?”

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