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Actor Nihar Pandya & Wife Singer Neeti Mohan In Self-Quarantine After Australian Escape

 Nihar Pandya and his  wife Neeti Mohan had a providential escape from the Corona-hit Australia just before all  the  airports  were shut and travel back to India was impossible.

Nihar Pandya  who is in quarantine at a farm in Umbergaon  , Gujarat, still  can’t believe  his luck. “One  more day in Australia and we’d have been stuck in Australia indefinitely. My wife Neeti Mohan and I  and my sisters-in-law  Mukti and Shakti  were  in Australia to attend  the  Women’s T20 Cricket World Cup in Melbourne. After that we were  to stay in Australia for a holiday until  17 March.”

But then  the  Corona Virus broke  out.

Says Nihar,  “I got a call  from my brother in  Mumbai. He said we had two choices. Either we  came back  immediately or I’d remain in Australia , get a job, and my wife could do her singing there. Of course we  fled. We  were at the Gold Coast. We drove  down to Brisbane to catch  our flight  back to Mumbai. The airport was completely deserted. The  next day,March 14, all the airports in Australia were shut down.”

Once in Mumbai,  Nihar Pandya his wife and two sisters-in-law drove straight to their farm in Umbergaon . “This was just before the  borders  were sealed.  We are in  Umbergaon now . Our  period of quarantine is over. But we’ll stay here.  We are relatively safer than  our folks in Mumbai. We don’t have to go out to buy vegetables. We grow them right here on  the farm.We don’t know how long we are going to be here. But we wish  our parents were with us. Right now the whole of Mumbai city feels quarantined. I just hope and pray this will be over soon.”

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