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Actors share their opinions and ways of nature preservation on World Environment Day



Actors share their opinions and ways of nature preservation on World Environment Day 6

Initially recognized by the United Nations in the year 1972, World Environment Day pays emphasis on the need to protect the environment and the living beings around us. Despite all that has been said and done, the need to protect our environment is more than ever considering the current scenario prevailing around us. On this special occasion, Zee TV artists like Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti’s Yash Sinha and Mannat Murgai, Apna Time Bhi Aayega’s Pulkit Bangia and Preyal Shah, Tujhse Hai Raabta’s Vaidika Senjaliya tell us about the ways in which they conserve and preserve the environment’s resources while urging others to also follow suit.

Yash Sinha who plays the role of Harsh in Zee TV’s Kyun Rishton mein Katti Battii said, “I believe we all have become a lot more conscious today about our environment and are trying to maintain a clean, healthy and safe space for other inhabitants around us. At times, it does become difficult to maintain the right balance considering we live in such a fast-paced world but each one of us must try to contribute their best in taking care of the ecosystem around us.  I have made it a strong habit to not litter anywhere outside on the road because it’s extremely important to have a hygienic surrounding for taking care of our environment. Air pollution is a very serious concern looming over our heads today and I ensure to get my car checked for the PUC regularly. This is something that every vehicle owner must practice without fail to have a cleaner breathing space. At our home, we also try to foster a positive and greener space around us. My wife, Amrapali Gupta has a lot of plants and herbs planted in our balcony which not only help in the ecosystem restoration in the smallest way but also radiate a spark of positivity around us.

Preyal Shah who plays the role of Kiara in Zee TV’s Apna Time Bhi Aayega said, “I personally believe that the healthier our ecosystems are, the healthier the planet and its people will be. In the last few years, the number of natural calamities has increased at an alarming rate and has caused a lot of trouble and loss to the entire ecosystem. At this point of time, an ecosystem restoration is a great step towards saving mother earth and fighting against the drastic climatic changes, extinction of animals and lot of other factors too. However, this will only work if everyone plays a part in it. On a personal level, I have always tried to keep our environment safe by planting more trees in our society or local areas. I usually volunteer to be a part of the beach cleaning process and avoid littering in the rivers or ocean with any kind of waste material, which I believe every individual must practice. I have even stopped using any sort of plastic materials and replaced them with environment friendly products. I think if each of us contribute in some minor way to minimize the harm towards nature, we could really go a long way in saving the environment.

Vaidika Senjaliya who plays the role of Uttara Dixit in Zee TV’s Tujhse Hai Raabta said, “I am a farmer’s granddaughter and hailing from a farmer’s family, I totally understand why taking care of the environment is so important. I love gardening and have lots of plants in my house. I make sure I water them as and when required and take care of them like my babies. Honestly, having plants in your house radiates a very refreshing and positive energy. I still remember back when I was a kid, I had planted a tiny mango plant on my farm and even today when I visit my grandfather, he always tells me that the plant has grown into a tree and provides the most sweet and ripe mangoes. Every year I make sure that I get mangoes from that same tree. I believe it is everyone’s responsibility to take care and maintain our environment by planting trees in their society and in the area around and also by substituting other materials for plastic. There are a lot of trees in the city that nobody is taking care of and are almost drying up, people should volunteer to water them and maintain them.”

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Pulkit Bangia who plays the role of Vikram in Zee TV’s Apna Time Bhi Aayega said, “I feel as humans, we are still not concerned about the well-being of our planet and continue to exploit the resources available, rather than using them in an eco-friendly manner.  We must realize that during the tough COVID times, it was air that we fought for and tomorrow it may be water if we don’t learn how to conserve and protect the ocean around us. We are the ones who are killing marine life by dumping toxic waste in the ocean and polluting the air with extensive usage of luxurious cars and giant factories. Despite all the efforts taken, I feel there is also a lack of awareness towards recycling and switching over to more sustainable items on a regular basis. I have made it a habit to reduce the consumption of plastic and switch over to bamboo material and also avoid excessive usage of paper by switching over to electronics. Most importantly, the shift to electric cars over CNG can definitely help in restricting the current air pollution levels. For every tree cut, three more should be planted and people must realize that it is us who can rectify our mistakes. So, it is my humble request to every person that even if it’s the tiniest step towards creating a healthy environment, let’s take it and give ourselves and our families a better and healthier place to live in.

Mannat Murgai who plays the role of in Roli in Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti shared, “I have always been very active for World Environment Day since my school takes us out to plant trees on this very day. Even I have been planting trees at my home ever since I got to know about the importance of restoring our environment. I think we all should not only plant trees but also make sure we don’t use plastics or throw any kind of waste on the roads, since it not only creates an untidy space, but is also very harmful for the street animals. I’m doing my bit every day and I keep asking my friends to also participate in keeping the environment clean. Since global warming is also an after effect of the pollution, I think like other countries we should also start using cycles and avoid excessive use of vehicles. There are so many things we all can do to improve our ecosystem.”

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