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Aditya Narayan: “No I Am Not Going To Be A Father Yet”



Aditya Narayan

Singer-achor Aditya Narayan is  nonplussed  by reports  that he will be  a father soon.

Aditya Narayan: “It’s not true. Not yet. All I said was, I am happy to have started  a new life with my  wife .Like  any normal  couple we  are  looking forward to starting our family. That’s it. Iss baat ko twist and turn  karke humein maternity ward pahucha diya ,”

Aditya Narayan feels  words  of  showbiz folks is often  twisted for sensational  headlines. “One has  to be very careful about what one says in public. Before  you know it your words  are twisted,” says Aditya who  married  actress Shweta Agarwal in  December  2020.

Speaking  about his wedding  Aditya Narayan had said, “It took  weeks to prepare for  the  celebrations. And then the week-long celebrations   just flew by. I am very very thankful that most of my friends and  my father’s friends from the  entertainment industry showed up for at least  one of  the  wedding events. Some of my best friends are  delivering babies outside India so they couldn’t attend.  My bachpan ke dost and people I look up to were there.

We spaced out the guest list in such a way so to not break the Covid rules  of 50 guests  per  event.  The  last thing we  wanted was the authorities to show up  and shut us  down  after  so many  months  of  preparation and hard work. The reception was clubbed with the sangeet.

The food was fabulous. In fact everything went  perfectly. The reception was  from  7  pm  to 11 pm. Then we had the sangeet. Honestly  it was  everything  we had worked for and  hoped for. My wife had  prepared a dance. My parents danced!!!  Oh my God!!! I teared up. But I didn’t let anyone see my emotions . That’s not me.So many times during the  celebrations I  thought that nothing should spoil  the culmination  of   ten years  of our  togetherness.

Of course all relationships require hard work. But the last thing we wanted was  for  the  Covid  to  play the villain(laughs) and ruin it all. I am really really glad that we succeeded in having all the wedding festivities with no Covid. We were a well-behaved  bunch of wedding revelers.”

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