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Antim: The Final Truth: 5 Reasons Why You May/May Not Want To See This Bhai-Product



Salman- Antim: The Final Truth

Antim: The Final Truth: 5 Reasons Why You May/May Not Want To See This Bhai-Product

  1. Will See …Because  Bhai’s in it. There is almost an  hour of Salman   Khan in  it, and that’s  the final truth. It is  unfathomable why the  film’s marketing is playing down Khan’s screen  presence   when he is the sole reason why  Antim is interesting to the audience. As  a major distributor from  Maharashtra protested , “If it  wasn’t for  Bhai this  film would have been sold at  a pittance. Antim has been  sold to distributors as a Salman Khan starrer.  He is there for  almost an hour. Why is Salman’s presence  being underplayed?”
  2. Won’t  See…Because Aayush Sharma  has already been  rejected  by  the audience  in his debut  film Loveyatri. He  was unimpressive not because he had first-timer’s cramps  but  because  he just didn’t seem  to have it  in him.   It seems unlikely  that a miracle would strike  Mr Sharma’s  screen  persona  the second time around. Not every debutante is  Madhuri Dixit who  was  thoroughly  unimpressive in her  debut film Abodh.
  3. Will See…Because it is a remake  of  a powerful Marathi  film  Mulshi Pattern which  was  about the struggle  of  farmers  for their  rights.In  the South superstar Vijay Sethupathi recently  starred in a film on farmers’  rights Laabam which  was   a big success.
  4. Won’t See…The  bitter  aftertaste  of Salman Khan’s last release Radhe: India’s Most Wanted , albeit on  OTT, still lingers in the audiences. It is  doubtful  whether  Mahesh Manjrekar would  actually be able  to  control  Salman who nowadays  directs the director whether  it is Parbudheva in  Dabangg 3  and Radhe or  Manjrekar in  Antim.
  5. Will  See…because after Sooryavanshi  the audience is itching to get back into movie theatres again to watch  a superstar  beat the hell out of  the opposition.
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