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Arya On Being A Proud father!



Arya in Sarpatta Parambarai

Sarpatta Parambarai Tamil Superstar Arya On Being  A  Proud father  

 Tamil star  Arya basking in the staggering   critical and mass  acclaim of  Sarpatta Parambarai has a lot to be  happy about.

Not only has the film fetched the 40-year actor the  kind of praise he has  never witnessed before, he was  also blessed with  a baby girl  on July 23.

“That’s right,” Arya tells  me  happily. “It is  double  celebrations in   our home. The film has  got  far more  acclaim than we  ever expected. And just when we thought things couldn’t get better my wife and I  are blessed with   a baby girl just  a few days ago.”

No  name  has been  decided  for the child. “It’s too early right now. The  idea  of fatherhood is  yet to sink in.”

It seems  Arya’s daughter has proven lucky for him?  “That is right. Sarpatta Parambarai began streaming  a day before my daughter was born.I have never seen  so much praise  for my film and  performance  before.I can’t wait  for my daughter to  see Sarpatta Parambarai  some day  in the  future.I think she  will be proud of me.”

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