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Betrayal Of Interest? Sooryavanshi Sold  To  OTT For 65 Crores!



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Sooryavanshi To Stream On Netflix From  First Week Of December

After all the  tall claims  of  reviving  the  movie-theatre  glory, the  producers  of Sooryavanshi have struck a hefty  handsome deal with Netflix to stream the film  in the first week  of  December, probably from December 5.

For  the movie-theatre  business  this  is a  big blow, putting a very  large question mark on  the  future  of  cinemas across  the  country.

The makers  of  Sooryavanshi had vowed to release their film only in movie theatres. In their defence, they have kept their  promise. The film opened in movie theatres across India on  November  5.

But the film has already been  sold  to  Netflix for  streaming which gives the  theatres only a month  to  make profits from ticket sales.

“Once  a  film starts streaming audiences in theatres stop almost completely. Selling the streaming rights of  Sooryavanshi  so soon after  its theatre release is  like suicide  for  us  movie  exhibitors. We  request  producers to not fall prey  to  the temptation of  making  quick and  big  bucks at  the cost of  the  boxoffice business,” says Roshan Singh a leading film  exhibitor in  Bihar.

Apparently  the streaming  rights of Sooryavanshi have been sold to Netflix  for  a staggering Rs.65 crores.

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