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Bichde Sabhi Baari Baari Amar Singh Dies Unsung Unfriended In Bollywood



Bichde Sabhi Baari Baari Amar Singh Dies Unsung Unfriended In Bollywood 10

 The affable  lately  deceased -politician Amar Singh  had many powerful   friends  in  the  Hindi films industry. These  included  the Bachchans,  Sanjay Dutt  ,Jaya Prada . Boney Kapoor & Sridevi.

 One  by one they all left him, some  of  them like the Bachchans, were  disappointed by his  public  bragging about his  Bollywood  connections and his   coarse  way  of addressing those issues and people who were  unlucky enough to offend  him. After their fall-out the  Bachchans  were incessantly targeted for barbs by Amar Singh, some of them  of a very  crass quality.

Mr Bachchan  never reacted.  Sources  very close to him tell me, “Amar Singh was very close to  Amitji. Amitji even accompanied him  to Singapore when he went for a kidney transplant  in 2009 and  was there with him until he fully recovered. Later Amar Singh had a fall-out with Mrs Jaya Bachchan.Amar Singh  foolishly wanted  Amitji to support  Amar Singhji in his war with  Jayaji.”

 When that  did not happen(and quite understandably so) Amar Singh  got bitter and lashed out against  the Bachchans for a full ten years . He made peace  with them before his death apologized in  February this year.

His death has broken  Mr Bachchan .

Sources  close Mr Bachchan say he never  stopped missing Amar Singh.

“They were  very close.Whatever drove them apart doesn’t matter anymore. Amitji is deeply affected  by Amar  Singhji’s death,” a source informs.

One wonders where  Amar Singh’s  other close friends from  Bollywood were in his closing years. Jaya Prada whom he  mentored  into her political career has  put an obligatory tweet condoling his  death which makes no  mention of what a  huge personal debt she owes the man sho stood by her side for so many years.

One of  my  last conversations with Amar  Singh was about Jaya Prada  and her archrival  Sridevi. This was about  five years  ago,

“I want  to end their  legendary  rivalry.   It is  my  personal ambition to bring  them  together as friends again, and I will do it,” Amar  Singhji told.

He  couldn’t end the rivalry. Jaya Prada ended her friendship with  Amar Singh before that.And Sridevi left for  another world.

After his friendship with  the Bachchans ended Amar Singh  became  very close to  Boney Kapoor and Sridevi.  To what extend  this generous politician  went to  please his  friends in Bollywood  cannot be discussed here. But  with his  wealth and  health  Amar singh also lost his friends in  Bollywood.

In an interview  to me  in  2009 Sanjay Dutt, another one of Amar  Singh’s  janam janam ka dost in  Bollywood said to me, “He is a survivor, just like me. He’ll bounce back.He is the older brother I never had. As his sibling, I’m committed  to  being by his  side when he  needs  me.”

Good Bhai , Amar Singh. You are in  a better place now.

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