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Colleagues From The Television Industry Express Shock At Pratyusha Banerjee’s Alleged Suicide



Alok Nath: “Small towners with  big dreams, dreams that turn into reality quickly, quick fame, quick mega bucks, quick multiple releationships, all in all a super-fast rave drive in a congested lane. And a very quick burn-out too… no strength and body to digest, no counseling, no family/friend support ..a huge hangover which cannot be nursed thus this defeatist step. Sad, very sad.”

Anoop Soni: “Pratyusha’s death has left me completely shocked. I am speechless. We worked together for years in Balika Badhu. She was a happy, energetic , enthusiastic young woman. I haven’t really met her recently. I met her last on her birthday.”

Gurmeet Chowdhary: “Pratyusha was a friend. I am hurt shocked and numbed by her death. No one should be more important to an individual than his or herself.Then show could she do this?”

Ashmit Patel:  “I am deeply saddened and shocked. I never expected this. Pratyushaseemed such a positive  person and so full of life.I met her last when she and her boyfriend Rahul came to my gig last month when I was DJ-ing.They seemed so content together. My girlfriend Maheck  and  I are completely in shock. We can’t believe she is gone!”

Gautam Rode: “I am really saddened by her death.All actors’ careers come with their portion of insecurity  and stress. A television actor is as good as the serial he or she is doing. Thereafter you need to worry about what comes next . And your relationships are always under scrutiny . You just have to keep at it and stay strong. My condolences to Pratyusha’s family.”

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