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Divya Khosla Kumar: “Pearl Was On Verge Of Signing A Big Film”



Divya Khosla Kumar: “Pearl Was On Verge Of Signing A Big Film” 4

“Who will be accountable  for  his  aborted career if and when he  is  proven  not guilty?”  actress-filmmaker Divya Khosla wonders  aloud  when we speak  about the fate  of  tv star Pearl S . Puri , accused of  molesting a minor.

Divya  wrote  a long Instagram post  questioning the alleged victim’s parents role in the  case against  Pearl and also  opining that Pearl was  no more than  a scapegoat  in an ugly child-custody battle.

 Says Divya distressfully,  “It’s a very serious charge, and it will have far-reaching repercussions on Pearl’s career. He was  just starting out in life. Television  had given him a stardom. And I can tell you , he  was on the verge  of signing  a  very big film. Now everything is lost.”

Divya’s heart  goes out to Pearl’s mother. “Pearl  lost his father some  time  ago. His mother  who is not well at all calls me  and just cries  and cries  asking for  my help. I  feel helpless and angry. I know Pearl well. We’ve worked  together. He is  a good human being, sincere and hardworking. He  doesn’t deserve this. On what  grounds  have they  booked  him for such  serious charges? This is the frightening side of  the  MeToo movement whereby a  man’s career and reputation are  destroyed, families are  ruined.”

Divya wants  to  do  all that she can  to help Pearl and his  family. “These are simple  godfearing  people  from Agra who have no clue  as to  how to tackle the situation. I  am glad Ekta Kapoor spoke up  for Pearl. More  people  need to come forward  in his support,because  I  truly believe he is innocent. What  is being done to him  by some vested interests  is  horrific. It should  not happen to anyone.”

Divya brings up Sushant Singh Rajput’s case  and feels Pear is in a similar situation.  “I didn’t know Sushant at  all. But  my heart reached out to him. In this case, I know  Pearl.I am convinced  he can’t  do something so awful. He is  being used  to settle scores.”

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