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Explained: Vijay Deverakonda ‘s Chappal Look



Vijay Deverakonda

Vijay  Deverakonda has been seen promoting his on-release  film Liger in the most economical  footwear: the Hawaii chappal.The  footwear has triggered  off a nationwide discussion on why the stylish actor goes down to  a  basic home-level comfort when it comes to his feet.

When I asked  Vijay he said, “Firstly I love remaining casual  in whatever I wear,  If you see my clothes  they are neither  expensive not flashy. I wear what  I am comfortable  in . The same  goes for  my footwear.”

The casual slippers also have a Liger connection.

Explains  Vijay,  “That’s how my character in Liger dresses. He is street-smart fighter.He  gives  off very casual vibes. He  doesn’t give  a damn  about what  people think of  him. He  is what he is.”

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