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Here’s Why Shah Rukh’s Nameplate Was Removed From His Residence



Shah Rukh Khan

There are  reports  that  a  new  diamond-studded  nameplate  at  the  Shah Rukh Khan’s home’s main gate has gone missing

It’s  the diamonds that are to blame. According to a   close friend  of the actor  the nameplate was taken down for reasons  of safety.

“That is one damn expensive nameplate, probably  one of its  kind in the entire world, and  so after  it  was put up, it was brought to the  host’s  attention  that it was  not safe  to have  precious stones studded on to the wall. Shah Rukh decided to  remove  the  nameplate  from its place  of public accessibility  for the time  being,” the friend reveals.

Speaking of diamonds on  the  gate,the public-display-of-wealth syndrome in  the  film industry threatens  to cross all limits of decency. One  hears  that the jacket  Karan Johar wore for  his 50th birthday party  was worth Rs.12 lakhs.

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