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Zee Bollywood celebrates 20 years of 101% Shuddh action film ‘Indian’ on 26th October



Indian-Sunny Deol

Zee Bollywood will showcase ‘Indian’ on 26th October at 9 pm 

Mere Liye Maa Aur Mulk Ek Hai– a dialogue that gives us goosebumps till date. One of the biggest blockbusters from 2001, Indian had a ground-breaking release and has made its mark on every Hindustani out there. As the movie completes the milestone of 20 years, Zee Bollywood is all set to bring back the patriotism and fervour of Sunny Deol’s Indian, on 26th October, at 9pm. Get set to witness the ultimate 101% Shuddh action, drama, and thrill with your favourite action hero, Sunny Deol this weekend.

Produced by Dharmendra, this N. Maharajan directorial masterpiece encapsulates an awe-inspiring performance by Sunny Deol, who with his absolute dedication stuns on screen time and again. For a film of that time, the stunts in Indian take center stage – they are vibrant and have constantly found patronage from Indian audiences.

Sharing his thoughts on the film, Sunny Deol shared, “Indian is a very dear project to me. I get really nostalgic looking back at the shooting days, such meaningful stories don’t often come your way. It is a film that will always remain a part of me. Working with dad is always an enriching experience, there is always something new to learn from him, till date. I remember him being so passionate about the project and I’m so glad that the film completes 20 years today. As I look back, there are some really beautiful memories that come back to me.”

The film revolves around the life of a policeman, Raj who nabs a terrorist, Wasim Khan, and is praised by his father-in-law, another high-ranking officer. Things take a twisted turn when his father-in-law is mysteriously killed, while Raj is censured for the murder.

Get set for a 101% Shuddh action night as Zee Bollywood celebrates 20 years of Indian on 26th October at 9pm!

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