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Is Sushant’s Family Telling The Truth?



Is Sushant’s Family Telling The Truth? 12

First  the  claim that  they  had no knowledge  of  Sushant Singh Rajput’s  mental  health, and now another  lie, that the  family had nothing  to do with  Sandeep Ssingh  has come to light.

On Sunday  Ssingh put out his  chat details with Sushant’s sister Meetu  where they are  seen  and  heard  exchanging  thoughts  on how to deal with the  practical problems after Sushant Singh’s death.

 Meaning to say, the Singh parivar did  not know  Ssingh before Sushant’s death. But they most certainly knew  him  after  Sushant’s death when  Sandeep Ssingh came forward  to help the family,an offer they kindly accepted—as  the chat between Ssingh and  Sushant’s sister , where she is  seen asking Ssingh to help out with the  post-death  nitty-gritty  including the death  certificate,clearly indicates.

 Earlier the family  claimed they had  no  knowledge  of  Sushant’s  medical history, But when chats showing  the sister discussing his medicines with  Sushant’s manger, surfaced, the  family’s lie  was nailed.

The question  to be  now  probed is, what are the areas where  the  family has been  less than truthful and who is  supporting their lies?

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