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Karan Johar Adds Song To Jugjugg Jeeyo At The Last Minute



karan Johar

It’s never too late  to add  a tadka to a tasty dish. Learn this  lesson from chef d’oeuvre Karan Johar.

For  his Friday release  Jugjugg Jeeyo   Karan Johar and director Raj Mehta have added a  new song at  the last minute ,even if it meant going to the censor board for the second time.

The song Rangisari,composed and  sung by Kavita Seth  and Kanishk Seth,  will be played with the end-credits  of  Jugjugg Jeeyo a last-minute farewell  celebration for a film that  wears a fancy feisty festive mood from first frame to  final fade-out.

Since no additions are  allowed once a  film is censored, Jugjugg Jeeyo had  to be re-submitted to the  censor board after  the song  Rangisari  was added.

Says Karan Johar, “We want to  give the audience the perfect family entertainer. We want  to see happy faces  coming  out of theatres.”

Incidentally  the censor board loved  Jugjugg Jeeyo and was apparently  happy to see  it return with  a new song , as this gave the board members an opportunity to watch the highly enjoyable film once again.

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