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Kartik Aaryan Turns  Producer With Shehzada



Kartik Aaryan

Things seem to be   moving at  a lightning speed for Kartik Aaryan. First the stardom,  then the superstardom with  Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 .

And now Kartik has turned producer with his forthcoming film  Shehzada. That’s  right, Kartik is  one  of the official  producers of Shehzada.

A  source very close to Kartik  reveals, “It wasn’t planned  or  anything. It is earlydays  for Kartik to turn producer. He has just started  his career as an actor. But then, the unexpected happened. Shehzada  encountered a financial crisis  and if  someone did not step in at that moment, the project would have  been stalled.”

This is when  Kartik stepped forward to  rescue  the  project.

“Kartik offered  to forego his remuneration. That’s when the  other producers  offered to have him on  board as a producer,”  informs the  friend.

One more leap  ahead  for the most rapidly rising star  of Bollywood.

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