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Kartik Aaryan: “We as actors need to stand by our producers.”



Kartik Aaryan

Kartik  Aaryan  who is looking forward  to the  release  of  Shehzada  this week, says it was a relief to do something frothy after the dark Freddy. “It was very different to do an out-and-out commercial film after Freddy because Freddy was both emotionally and mentally challenging for me as a performer, whereas Shehzada was more physically challenging because of the action and stunts.”

 Kartik  loved working with Rohit Dhawan . “I enjoyed every bit of shooting Shehzada with him. I feel no one could have given to this film as much as he has. Rohit has added his own ideas, his own elements; he’s taken an idea but added his own original spin to it. I’m confident that when Shehzada comes out, it will be something fresh and different.”

The songs  of Shehzada  are  already a  rage.That’s  a good sign for   the  film.

Says  Kartik, “Munda Sona Hoon Main has caught on to people like crazy and Character Dheela 2 became an instant hit. I’m hoping they extend that love and support and watch the film in theatres because it is made to give them that larger-than-life Bollywood-magic. I think the USP is just that there are multiple songs in the film capturing various emotions, from happy and groovy songs to romantic to emotional ones, so that variation in the album is not very common.

Kartik  is  confident  of  the success of Shehzada. “It is a complete masala massy family entertainer and with that comes all the ingredients of it – action, drama, comedy, romance, coupled with great music …it’s a feel-good film, a family entertainer and the kind of Bollywood films we’ve grown up watching. I’m really happy that people are loving the songs, making videos ,aping the dance steps and making  them trend.”

Kartik confesses  he  is still coming to  terms  with his  stardom. “It sometimes feels unreal but there is no secret formula to it, for me it has only been self-belief and hard work. There are honestly no shortcuts or strategies. I take a gut call on my films as per what I would like to watch as the audience, I work hard and try to deliver the best I can and then hope and pray that audiences accept it and give it love.”

In spite of his  growing stardom Karik refuses to hike his price during these times when actors with multiple flops insist on charging the sun moon and stars.

Explains Kartik, “I can’t talk on behalf of others, but I personally believe that with the rapidly changing tastes and choices of the audiences today, nothing is predictable and we as actors need to stand by our producers at such a time so we can all together enjoy the success of a film that takes combined effort of the team. By doing so, even the filmmakers have more liberty to make larger than life cinema, or spend good amounts on content quality and be cautious  with budgets  that can be reduced if we actors stand by them.”

Was it fun   shooting with Kriti Sanon in Shehzada? Kriti and I have worked together on Luka Chuppi and audiences loved our chemistry and pairing…I feel it’s our friendship and equation that reflects in our onscreen chemistry.”

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