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Kartik  Aaryan’s Dhamaka Is Netflix’s Biggest Bet For 2021




Netflix has all its hopes pinned on  the Kartik Aryan action-thriller Dhamaka which streams from November  19.So far  the  only  Hindi feature-film premiere to have garnered ample eyeballs on  Netflix in 2021 is the  Kriti Sanon surrogacy  comedy Mimi.

With Dhamaka Netflix hopes to crack the blockbuster code  on  the  OTT platform.

A  source  close to the  project tells me, “Dhamaka has all  the makings  of a blockbuster. It  is  the  first  made-for-OTT  blockbuster-material. Earlier we  had big films with  big stars being premiered  on OTT because of  the pandemic. But  Dhamaka has been  made  specially for Netflix  and  on  the scale of a  big-screen  film.”

Sources  say Netflix  sees Dhamaka  as  a turn-around product which will finally bridge  the gap between  the big screen and  the digital domain.

Says  Dhamaka director Ram Madhvani,  “The vision and scale  of  the  product has not been compromised in any way because of the  size of the screen. Kartik Aryan will make the same impact at home that he would have if the film was  released in  a theatre. Dhamaka is  a game-changer for  Kartik.”

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