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Kartik Aaryan’s Dhamaka Likely To Create A Dhamaka in August

Netflix’s most  prestigious  Indian product  of  2021 is  getting ready for release. We are  of course talking  about director Ram Madhvani’s  Dhamaka featuring Kartik Aryan.

 There were  some(misguided)  reports  recently that  this actioner based on  a Korean  blockbuster  was set for a September release.We now  have  it from very reliable  sources that Netflix  is  aiming for  a late July or early  August release for   Dhamaka.

“The film is  almost ready. The post-production is  almost done. Only  the CGs(computer graphics)  and FX remain.  These were somewhat slowed down because of the lockdown. But the   work is  on . Netflix is looking at  a late-July, early-August release,”  says the informed  source.

Dhamaka: Netflix’s most expensive  custom-made feature film directed  by Ram Madhvani of Neerja fame is  a desi adaptation  of  the Korean thriller Terror Live. However Dhamaka moves far away from the original. Madhvani,I am told, has created his  own space,ironed  out the rough edges in the original, and made  the plot far more taut. Kartik  plays  a ruthless newshound, the star  reporter called Arjun Pathak  of a news channel named Bharosa 24 negotiating with  a terrorist to save the city from  attack. A source close  to  the  project tells me,  “This one is  going to be a game-changer  for Kartik Aaryan. Director Ram Madhvani has  extracted the  best out of  the young star. Dhamaaka will take Kartik to the  next level of stardom.”

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