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Kartik Aryan 70 Crore Deal With Eros Now Is FakeNews



Kartik Aryan

 The stars’ publicity machinery,like much else  these days,  seems  to be going bonkers with cooked-up news about Bollywood  stars  , most of whom are currently jobless because  of  the Covid situation.

The  problem is, how to keep them  in  the  news when nothing is happening  in their careers? Simple!  Cook up future assignments that  would never happen. In this chain of  deception comes the  concocted  news that Kartik Aryan  has been signed  by  ErosNow for a whopping  70-crore rupee three-film deal.

 However sources  in the know completely deny this exorbitant pay-scale for  Kartik.

“Are they insane  to pay  that kind of money to any star,  even to the  biggest  of stars, and that too  on an OTT platform(Eros Now)? No star, no  matter how big will get that kind of money any more,” says a  well-informed  source.

All we  can say  is, nice try.

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