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Konda Polam: Another Theatrical Blockbuster In Telugu?



Konda Polam

Watching the fascinating  trailer  of Krissh Jagarlamudi’s Konda Polam I  was stuck by its potential  to bring the audience back into theatres.

Just last week  Sekhar Kammula’s  Love Story performed  the  Great Indian Hope Trick at  the Telugu  boxoffice, defying the  belief  that  audiences are  not willing  to  return to theatres   until the pandemic  does the vanishing  trick.

“Audiences  will   come  to see  your  film if you give them the incentive. If  a film is suited to the  big screen they  will  make that effort.  The pandemic has not  stopped two other recent Telugu films Uppena  and  Love Story  from  showing big numbers at  the  boxoffice.Audiences  will come if they want to see a  film.I am confident they  will come for Konda Polam  when  it   open on Friday,” says  Krissh whose last directorial was   the NTR bio-pic in two parts  NTR: Kathanayakudu and  NTR: Mahanayakudu.

Krish  says he  was  very happy doing the  bio-pic. “N T Rama Rao is  a legend . To  encapsulate  his life in one  film would have been impossible. So we did it in two films. I enjoyed the process.”

Now Krish is very excited about Konda Polam. “The story that I’ve told  this  time has never been  done before in Indian cinema.My lead pair  Rakul Preet Singh and  Vaishnav  Tej have empowered  the film . They are  a delight to work with.Vaishnav has  incredibly  expressive eyes. He  speaks  through them .”

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