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The Leaked ‘Intimate’ Picture Of Hrithik With Kangana Proves Nothing


The internet was a-flutter  on Tuesday with a ‘leaked’ (synonym in internet jargon with ‘planted’) picture of Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan. It is supposed to prove that Hrithik was lying when he claimed he didn’t know Kangana, and that  the two of them were in fact ‘intimate’.

A  source close to Kangana(her sister does all the out-sourcing, as far as I know)  is quoted as saying, “This picture which speaks volumes is just a clear message to the world that Hrithik is lying. He claimed that he didn’t know her socially but the picture proves otherwise.”

Actually, the picture proves nothing. Apparently it’s a group picture taken at a party. Other party invitees from that get-together  have been cropped from the picture .As far as getting intimate goes ,all actors and actresses cuddle up and hug during shooting. I’ve seen the frostiest of heroines plonking themselves in the hero’s lap while shooting a film. That too, in front of the entire unit.And no eyebrows were raised.


Getting cuddly-huggy during long stretches of working hours is a norm rather than an exception in the entertainment industry.It doesn’t necessarily  imply a sexual intimacy.

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If Kangana’s supporters want to prove  Hrithik’s intense intimate level with her, they would have to do a lot more than a picture showing him hugging her , and that too rather clinically.

Chances are , you may soon see a few more pics randomly picked out of socials dos showing Hrithik and Kangana in the interactive mode. This, according to Kangana’s gleeful supporters, is indicative of how much he lied to hide his “affair” with Kangana.

That’s pretty much the narrowest possible view of gender dynamics on work places. More often than not, you begin to look at your female colleagues at your work place as equals and not leery objects.There is a kind of bum-chum camaraderie that develops while working together. Hrithik and Kangana did two films together.

So what if Hrithik hugged Kangana? Does it mean he lied about not knowing her socially? Casually clicked pictures of the two fraternizing warmly at a social gathering is hardly going to nail the truth about what really happened between Bollywood ’s most controversial couple of all times.

The gloating tone of the write-ups in Tuesday’s papers were sickening. Grow up, guys. Every man and woman seen together doesn’t mean a bed follows.

The Kangana-Hrithik Crisis Will Get Murkier, Next  Level: Who Is Friends With Whom

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