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Nia Sharma: I always regretted losing in the finale in my previous season!



Three years back when Nia Sharma entered Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 8, she had her eyes on the trophy but she lost her chance. Nia did not know whether she would ever be able to claim the coveted trophy. However, she finally got a second chance to fulfill her wish with the special edition of Khatron Ke Khiladi Made in India. Her biggest phobia is water but this time she aced even the water task and showed the world that she is more than her looks. She is a brave heart and she has what it takes to win. Here are excerpts from a talk with her.

How has your experience been in Khatron Ke Khiladi overall?

It has been an absolutely amazing experience. This special edition has been a delight from the very beginning, and the season has been very different from all previous ones. Along with action, there was a lot of filmi-style entertainment. While the previous season I participated in was something where we dived headlong into all the action, this was a season where there was action, adventure and a whole lot of fun.

How have you grown since the last season?

Khatron Ke Khiladi is a reality show where nobody knows what to expect until you are into it. It is not about how much stronger a man is compared to a woman, or how much he/she works out. It is not about how fragile or vulnerable a girl is. The show is about your will to do something and overcoming your fears. In the previous season, I was so close to winning but I lost because I was scared of water and I lost the task. That pricked me. It was always in my head for the past three years. Now, as Naagin came to an end and I got offered Khatron Ke Khiladi Made in India, I did not know how to react! It was a great opportunity because I love the show. I said yes to it without batting an eyelid. I did not think anything and just agreed to participate because I had something to prove to myself. I just wanted to overcome my biggest fear which was water. Other than that, I was okay with heights or electric shocks or creepy crawlies. So I overcame that fear this time. I performed purely to win this time.


Were you afraid of working in the show in the midst of a pandemic?

Not at all. I was not afraid of anything. Once you decide to step outside, you have to be prepared and take all necessary precautions. In fact, I had also shot for the Naagin 4 finale before Khatron Ke Khiladi Made in India. I had seen the kind of precautions that were taken on set so I felt relieved. I am glad that I could work after three months. I had already braced myself and prepared myself for shooting this show as well.

Working with Rohit Shetty again. How was the experience?

Rohit Shetty is the main force behind Khatron Ke Khiladi. He defines the show. It was super exciting to share the stage with him. He is an amazing person not just professionally but even on a personal level, he really invests himself in the show. This time, he got his own stunt team on the show who were brilliant. They became like family for all of us and made us feel at ease before the stunts. They would support and encourage us constantly. With this, even we as contestants were encouraged and we wanted to go ahead and do the stunts.

What was the most memorable stunt for you?


Each and every stunt was memorable, but if you ask me about the toughest, it would be the water stunt because I am personally scared of water. Besides, another memorable stunt would be the semi-finale stunt where I reached the final 3. It was a Z made in the air and you had to climb it. It was quite difficult and the plank I was walking on was shaking because of the wind and heavy rains. But I still went ahead and completed it. Once it was over and I was successful, I broke down. I literally cried because I wanted to do that stunt for myself. I was so overcome with emotions because I achieved something I did not think would be possible.

Anything you surprised yourself with?

I surprised myself by winning! Because at the start, I was feeling that it was a special edition show with 10 episodes and that it would be all fun and games. I did not go with the mindset that this is a tough competition that I am going to win. I just went to have fun, wear nice clothes and just have a great time in general. But mid-season my agenda completely changed and I aimed at winning the season and I did.

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