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Pankaj Tripathi Takes Time Off To Drive Down To Visit His Parents



Pankaj Tripathy

 There is  no airport anywhere near the  small sleepy town of Belsand  in Bihar where Pankaj Tripathi’s aging parents live. One has to fly down to  Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh   and  then drive down to  the  soporific town in Bihar.

 And that’s exactly what Pankaj has done this week.  It’s  a gruelling journey  but one that the  Criminal  Justice actor  had to undertake.

Speaking  to me from near  Gorakhpur on  the road, Pankaj said, “It’s been a while since I visited my parents. They  are aging and they cannot travel.So I  had to go  and  meet them.”

 Pankaj was required in Mumbai to promote his new webseries  Criminal Justice 2 where his performance as Patna-born lawyer Madhav Mishra  is  a  whammy.Having seen  the  series I can tell you  it’s  befitting year-ender  for the  versatile actor. This time Pankaj  is newly married in  the series. His growing relationship with his innocent but  sensible and devoted wife is  a  treat.

 Laughs Pankaj, “The  girl who plays my wife is  completely new. Her name is  Khushboo Atre. I  enjoyed working on  my relationship with her on screen. My earlier miya-biwi relationship with Rasika  Duggal in  Mirzapur  was very dark and complicated.  In Criminal Justice 2 Madhav Mishra  and  his wife Ratna  provide the light moments in  the dark theme.”
Pankaj is looking forward  to doing  more light-hearted work in 2021.

 But for now work can wait. “It’s a never-ending demand on  one’s time. Visiting my parents was  just as  important. I  am now  approaching  Gorakhpur where I’ll spend some time with friends before heading for  Mumbai.”