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Rajamouli Heckling Karan Johar Was One  Big Joke




An old  video showing the globe-trotting super-director S  S Rajamouli  heckling  Karan Johar at a public event after Karan  expresses hurt for not being given the  rights for the Hindi version of RRR ,has  gone viral.

In the  video  Rajamouli is heard  saying, “I asked you to be the presenter of Baahubali films. You made tens and hundreds of crores with that. So, when a producer makes so much money, usually as a director, I expect some gifts, sir. And what did you give me? You called for your talk show. You gave me a phone and a Bluetooth speaker and you wanted the rights of RRR Hindi.”

Turns out, the whole thing was a  joke.

Says a   close friend of  Karan Johar, “It was all a  planned  joke. Karan  and Rajamouli had   decided  to pull this  stunt at  an event. They are very close friends constantly in touch  with one  another.”

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