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Undisclosed Details On Rajamouli’s Next With Mahesh Babu




With S S Rajamouli’s RRR turning out to be  a  smash hit, interest  in the  film that he will do with  Mahesh Babu has grown exponentially  .

Here is what  we do know  about  Rajamouli’s next project with  Mahesh Babu in the  lead. The yet-untitled project will be  a solo-hero film , unlike RRR which was a two-hero  project from the start. Mahesh Babu is  very clear on this issue. He  does only solo-hero projects, and distributors are content with this, as  his films  almost invariably rake in profits on release.

The untitled  Rajamouli-Mahesh  project  will be set in contemporary times. After  three back-to-back   costume dramas set in the remote  past, Rajamouli  is  done with period films  for the time being.

He is  now looking at changing tracks,just  like Sanjay Leela Bhansali, to whom he is  frequently compared. Bhansali too decided to  turn away from the costume drama after three back-to-back films in that genre.

Rajamouli’s film with Mahesh babu will be  a  fast-paced adventure-thriller.

“The  idea is  still being  worked on. Even Mahesh Babu doesn’t know the complete plot as yet. Rajamouli has been occupied with RRR. Now that it’s released he will  give his  full  attention to the project with Mahesh Babu.  It will be shot at  a stretch and completed in  six month,” says  a source in the know.

Baahubali and RRR took several years  to be shot and released. In comparison  the Mahesh Babu  project  will be  a quickie.

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