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Rakhi Sawant & Husband Lash Out At AAP Politician ,Threaten Legal Action



Rakhi Sawant

The irrepressible  Rakhi Sawant is  up in arms  against  AAP politician Raghav Chadha for  comparing her  to Navjot Singh Sidhu.

Rakhi Sawant, discernibly distressed  , says, “What does he mean by saying  Sidhuji is  the the Rakhi Sawant of politics? My husband  Ritesh is very angry by this comment. As it is  I am very distressed by  my mother’s health. In spite of multiple surgeries  and  chemotherapy ,  thanks  to  Salman  Khan and Priya Dutt, my mother is still very unwell. Watching her suffer is unbearable to me. Sometimes I feel  she should just be relieved of all the pain. You can’t imagine how difficult  it is for me to watch her  suffer  like this. On top of that, I now have  supposedly educated politicians using my name in a derogatory  way.Talk to my husband . He  is right here.”

Rakhi Sawant hands over the phone to a  man who introduces  himself  as Ritesh, Rakhi Sawant’s husband, “I  stay abroad .I’m in India for a  meeting. I was in Bengaluru . now I am in Mumbai to support Rakhi  in this time of distress. Let me  tell you, I take very strong exception  to Chadhaji’s tone  and  language. What does he mean by  using my  wife’s name in such a  demeaning way?To me Rakhi is one of the kindest , nicest most generous  people I’ve met. Unhein kissika dukh dekha nahin jaata.  If a woman is raped in any part of India her  heart bleeds. If  she sees a  hungry child she  weeps like  a child.  Whatever Rakhi Sawant is today she  is self-made. You may find her  behaviour  strange . But Rakhi is  Rakhi. There is  no one else like her. To have a  politician use a woman’s name in  such a cheap way  says  a  lot about how much politicians of our country respect women. Chadhaji should  not forget, his  mother is also a woman.”

Ritesh wants an unconditional apology from Raghav Chadha.  “That, or Rakhi and I will campaign against Chadha’s party  in  every constituency in the next elections. And  the next time,  a politician  uses my wife’s name we will take the strictest legal action. Please learn  to respect women.  Or you will be  taught a lesson.”

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