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Ranbir-Alia’s Secret Pact For The Wedding



Alia bhatt and Ranbir kapoor

 The  ‘ex’ factor played  no hand in the invitees’ list for Alia Bhatt’s wedding with Ranbir Kapoor.

It was a  pre-condition , a  silent  “given” if you will,  that none of the  former ex-es  would be invited, and  both the bride  and groom stuck to their part of the deal.

So Alia did not invite either Siddharth Malhotra or Varun Dhawan.

From the  groom’s  side, Deepika Padukone  and Katrina Kaif  were  missing, and so naturally, were  their respective  spouses, Ranveer Singh and  Vicky Kaushal.

One hears that Deepika was  not “surprised” to be excluded  from the  guest list. But Katrina apparently  looked forward to being invited with her husband.

“Katrina is very happy in her marriage. She has  allowed bygones to be bygones,and it’s  very unfortunate that Ranbir hasn’t done the same. It would have been  truly gracious  to have invited Katrina  and  Vicky for the wedding,” a filmmaker friendly  to Katrina , Ranbir and Alia  said to me.

Another  surprise omission from the guest list  was  Aamir Khan.  While Shah  Rukh Khan’s presence  was  only to be expected, as he is close  to both Ranbir and Alia,Aamir whom Ranbir is close to  did not come for  the wedding or the wedding reception.

“Shah Rukh was at the reception  with  his wife Gauri for  no more than  twenty  minutes,” an invitee informs.

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