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Singer Shailendra Singh Played A House Husband Long Before Arjun Kapoor


R Balki’s Ki & Ka is rightly proud of its revolutionary idea of a wife who decides  to earn a living while the husband stays home and does all the cooking and cleaning.

But the idea was used  36 years back in a film called Agreement directed by Anil Gangulyof Kora Kagaz fame.The film which boasted of hit music by Bappi Lahiri,  featured Rekhaas an entrepreneur tycoon who gets herself a house-husband. The film was remarkable for singer Shailendra Singh’s acting efforts. Singh,known to sing for Rishi Kapoor in Bobby and other films, played the house husband in Agreement. Rekha played the tycoon wife.

A still from 'Ki & Ka'

Arjun Kapoor in a still from ‘Ki & Ka’

The film was not a success.

When quizzed about it Balki and Arjun Kapoor said they had never heard of the film.

We believe them. They were not even born back then.

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