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Sadak 2 The Trailer Gives Off Warm Emotional Vibes

 Finally a glimpse  into what magic Mahesh Bhatt has created  with his  youngest and  brightest born Alia Bhatt  in Sadak 2. The trailer comes  to us hours after  the  shocking  revelation that  Sanjay Dutt is seriously ill. To see  him on screen  as an aging lover  mourning for the  death of his beloved played by Pooja  Bhatt  , is disturbing.

Alia  is on a mission to take on  fake  godmen  in this road movie where she  hires the  cabbie  Sanjay Dutt and  his cab  to take  her to the Himalayan  peaks. The trailer has  some lovely  moments between Alia  and her unlikely  mentor Sanjay Dutt.

Dutt  puts  up a   notice in his taxi saying  ‘No Smoking’ and ‘No Kissing’ when he sees Alia doing  both with her boyfriend  Aditya Roy Kapoor who seems to have  the weakest role among the  pivotal cast. Aditya   plays  the stereotypical role of the ‘supportive  partner’ to his girlfriend who  is  on a mission.

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2/3rd    into  the trailer Sadak 2 suddenly turns  into a    breeding-ground for violence. Makarand Deshpande appears  as a weird  godman with  guns  and other  ungodly props around him. We  don’t know how  this   violence  in the midst  of romance and  kinship finally pans  out. So far  Sadak 2   looks looks promising  . Dutt’s protective instincts  surface  in   serene waves each time he looks at  Alia.

Oh and Alia’s Badi Didi   Pooja Bhatt  is  just  a picture on  the wall whom Sanjay Dutt speaks to.This  could be  the  beginning  of  a new way of  romancing during this era  of social distancing.


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