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Salman Khan’s Father Receives Death Threat



Salman khan

Security around Salman Khan  will be beefed  up from this week  , following death threats to  the actor and his family.

Apparently a militant  outfit  which claimed responsibility  for  the  murder  of Sidhu  Moose Wala has  sent death threats  to Salman and his father. An anonymous letter was left at a spot where Salman’s father  writer Salim Khan visits every morning for his morning walk . It read , “Moose Wala jaisa kar dunga” (will do the same  as Moose Wala).

A  close friend  of Salman says he won’t take  these threats seriously. “His family is worried sick. But Salman being Salman, is  just not bothered. He tells his  worried mother, ‘I have Sheru(his  bodyguard  for  decades). You don’t need to worry.’ Either Salman doesn’t understand the gravity  of the situation.  Or  he refuses to let it bother him.”

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