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Shah Rukh Khan Bows To Nambi Nambiar



Shah Rukh Khan

At  the  end  of  his long interview with  the legendary scientist Nambi Naraynan, played by R Madhavan ,Shah Rukh Khan  kneels down in front  of  the real Nambi Narayanan  to apologize  on  behalf  of  the nation for the wrongs done to the man who is  an example  of dignity  and  decorum in  the face adversity .

“It is a  decisive  moment in my  film.And hats  off to both the superstars  Nambi Narayanan Sir and Shah Rukh  Khan for making this  moment so  cinematic  and yet so much beyond  cinema. Here  is  India’s biggest  superstar saying  sorry to  this  legendary scientist who  was tainted and vilified,” says Madhavan.

The actor reveals there was  no  glycerine  in  the  sequence  where  the real Narayanan and Shah Rukh come together. “The tears  just flowed. It  was such a  magical moment.”

Incidentally  Shah Rukh Khan’s last release  before Rocketry, Anand  L Rai’s Zero, was  also  partly about  rocket science.

Says Madhavan, “Missile ke  taur pe (as  far  setting an example goes)  rocket launches and Shah  Rukh  go together.”

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