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Shekhar Suman On The Deadlock In Sushant Singh Rajput’s Death Investigation



Shekhar Suman and Sushant Singh Rajput

Do you feel Sushant’s case has been waylaid and deflected?

Yes,waylaid deflected diverted and hijacked.We pushed  for  a CBI inquiry in Sushant’s death trying to find out whether  it  was homicide  or suicide. From there the narrative digressed  into several subplots  about money-laundering, fund transfer, embezzlement, child trafficking,  rave  parties, double murder, etc. Eventually now  the probe has  gone into drugs which has  nothing to do with Sushant’s death.

Do you  also feel that  Sushant’s death  was  politicized?

Oh yes, absolutely. Several  people moved into the probe with their personal agendas. Then we had television channels  trying  to  boost TRPs  by screaming about  Sushant. It just  went  off the track. The real issue has been left way behind.

Sushant’s family’s lawyer claims he was told Sushant was strangulated.Isn’t that jumping the gun?

 Yes we have to wait for the CBI’s reports. We all can’t come to our own conclusions.

Sushant’s lawyer feels the  CBI is taking  too much time  with the investigation?

 The CBI has a daunting task and way too much and too many expectations.The CBI guys are not Batman Superman or Spiderman.

Do you think Sushant’s family has been  completely honest about his  death?

 Time alone will tell whether they have been honest or not.I hope they  have been.

Do you  think the  Hindi film  industry is a den of drugs?

No the film industry is not a drug den, or any kind of den.But yes, there is a cartel and a nexus that exist and which indulge in all kinds of nefarious activities.Drugs are prevalent everywhere in any profession in all walks of life.An industry is not separate from the society for which it exists.

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