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Sonu Sood: “So What If I Haven’t Got The Padma Shri, I Have The  People’s Love.”



Sonu Sood

If Sonu Sood  feels  any  disappointment at not being included in the list of Padma awardees  for his philanthropic work during the  pandemic , then he is  hiding it very effectively.

Responding to the disappointment  expressed on social media  by his supporters  to his absence from the list of National  award winner Sonu Sood said, “Honestly  , it is  not something I  expected at all. Not after the way things  have been going.”

Sonu Sood‘s  premises were  subjected to an income-tax raid a few months ago.

Without mentioning the  incident Sonu Sood says, “For me  the  biggest award  is  the  love of   the people. Even  now as we connect there are hordes of people waiting to meet me below my home.”

Sonu Sood says he will continue to help the needy without any expectations of reward  or award. “As  long as  people come  to me for help,I will be  here to do all I can for them. It doesn’t matter whether my efforts are  acknowledged  or not. I am not doing it for recognition. Lekin, Sir, jo raat ko chayan ki neend sota hoon usska main  bayaan  nahin kar sakta (I can’t describe the  peaceful sleep I  get every night).”

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