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Sonu Sood The Messiah For NRI Children



Sonu Sood

Sonu Sood’s messianic fame  is spreading  across  the world. The latest  community of the distressed  to reach out to  India’s  no.1 Covid saviour  is the NRIs.Apparently  this foreign  persuasion for phoran(immediate) remedial help which   started as  a trickle,  has now become  a torrent.

Confirming  the same  amidst a barrage  of  missed calls(Sonu got  27 missed calls  while we spoke) Sonu revealed,  “You’ve heard rightly, Sir. The NRI  boys and girls who cannot reach out and help their parents immediately because of the distance—some of these NRIs’ elders live in  remote  villages– have started  reaching out to me in  hundreds. In the beginning I got a few  such calls, and I attended to their  needs. Then  the number of calls from the  NRIs  began increasing   by volumes.”

 Now Sonu   get a 100-150 calls  per week from NRIs seeking my assistance  for their  parents.

Sonu is  getting little  sleep  because of these  NRI  SOS calls. “I get panic calls  from Manila,  Singapore, the US , Canada and their time zones are  different  from  ours. So the  phone  rings from unknown destinations  at  2am and  4  am. I don’t  mind  at all. I know I  need to get some sleep.As things are,I am not getting any sleep . But there  is so much to do.Even  one life saved is  definitely  worth  more than my sleep.”

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