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Sooryavanshi To Not Release in Multiplexes?



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The standoff between the producers  of  the Akshay Kumar-starrer Sooryavanshi  and  the multiplex theatres, has reached  a stalemate.

The  film is just hours away  from releases. The  chances  are, Sooryavanshi may not release in multiplex theatres  at all.

While the official version of  the  status  of  the stalemate  is that  the  matter  is being  resolved,  unofficial  sources  say  the issues, mainly concerning the ratio  of  profits  to be shared between  producers and multiplexes, is  yet to be  resolved.

An informed  source  tells this  writer that  the  issue  is far off from a resolution.

“Both  the sides, the  producers  of Sooryavanshi and the multiplex owners are firm in their  stance. There is no likelihood of a thaw,” the source  informs me.

 If the stalemate  indeed stays unresolved and  film opens only in single theatres, then it’s a huge loss of revenue for the  film.’

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