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The Real Reason Why Rahman Gets Less Work In Hindi



The Real Reason Why Rahman Gets Less Work In Hindi 10

 Not gangeism, or groupism. If  the composing  wizard  A  R  Rahman is  kept  out  of   Bollywood’s bastion it is  because of his insistence  on  publishing rights  .

A  topnotch musician spills the beans. “There was  a time when every major director in Bollywood wanted to work with  A R Rahman. They still do.  But there  is  a problem. Rahman insists  on retaining the publishing  rights  of his  soundracks.This right,  no producer would give to any musician,at least not in India.”

  The musician who has worked with the biggest banners says Rahman is wrong to  blame  a ‘gang’ in Bollywood for his relative scarcity  of work. “Way back  in 2003 Shah Rukh Khan and Karan  Johar  offered Kal Ho Na Ho to  Rahman. When he  asked for publishing rights they quickly signed  Shankar-Ehaan-Loy for  Kal Ho Na  Ho. And  Karan Johar’s Dharma  Productions  never worked with  Rahman.”

 The  musician says there  is nothing unfair about this. “Cinema is a business like any other. Why shouldn’t Karan  Johar safeguard his business  interests?   I am not  saying Rahman asking for publishing   rights  is wrong. But  in the Hindi music industry the immortal legends Lata Mangeshkar, Kishore Kumar, Mohammed Rafi and Asha Bhosle didn’t get publishing  rights.  For Rahman to expect  it is impractical and unreal.”

When I  approached Rahman to know  more about the  “gangs” of Bollywood he has spoken about, he responded with, “How are you?  ..our team internally felt this news is now done ..we are moving on …Let’s catch up and do a general one next month if you are still interested .Wishing you the best ..take care.”

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