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“There’s Nothing Dharamji Would Like Better Than To See His Two Families Unite In His  Lifetime”



They don’t call him the gentle giant for nothing. Underneath that he-man bearing, Dharmendra is a very largehearted and  sensitive soul. If you  read some of his deeply humane poetry,you would know what he is really like.

As  this  affable  God’s child grows older his emotions become  even more pronounced. The recent social-media post expressing his love for his  second family (Hema, Esha  Ahana  and  their  spouses) comes from a place of deep anguish.

“Dharamji felt  very sad that they could not attend his grandson Karan’s wedding. As he grows older he has only one wish left to  fulfil: that the two families come together.  This, he knows in his  heart  of hearts, cannot  happen. But it is his dream, his only  unfulfilled dream,” says  a very close  friend  of  the family.

“Dharamji loves  all his children equally.To him there is no difference between Sunny-Bobby  and Esha-Ahana. He gets very anxious about their future bonding,” the friend reveals.

Incidentally Dharmendra is very  reluctant to  speak about his  family in public. It’s not just the second  family that he doesn’t discuss publicly. He is equally shy of speaking  about his first family as well.


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