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Tina & Lolo Becomes Bullets



Curious are  the ways  of  the  Indian entertainment industry.  Yusuf Khan becomes  DilipKumar.Rajkumar Yadav  becomes Rajkummar Rao. Kareena   Kapoor  becomes  Kareena  Kapoor  Khan.

And  a  long-delayed film Tina  & Lolo with  Sunny Leone and Karishma Tanna  in the titular roles  becomes , errrr, Bullets?!!!! Not  only has  the  film been re-christened, the feature film is  no  longer  a  feature  film. It is  now  web series on  MX Player. Whatever.

 The trailer which started  streaming  on  October 20  shows  the two  “hot chicks”  on  the  run from various  , shall we say, interested parties in  bikinis  and  other brief costumes looking  lost in a maze  of  crime  and  sex.  

The sheer bogusness of  the  presentation is infectiously  palpable.Almost every  voice  beginning with Sunny Leone’s  seems  dubbed.  The  actors  “act” in that stilted way which  performers  adopt when they  know they’ve  nothing to lose  in a loser  of  a film.

The  question we all need to ask is, how  did this piece of  cheesy titillating trash  find its way  out of the  dustbin into  the streaming platform? And how has a  two-hour  feature film being converted  into a webseries? Also, this could be  an opportune  occasion to ask why a film objectifying  the women protagonists is  seen  to be  “entertainment” when  in fact  chick  flicks  on the  OTT platform  have moved on to  a much high-her plane than the male gaze can follow ,in  serials  like  Four More Shots  Please?

I am thinking  of  one  good reason to  look  forward  to  Bullets(nee Tina & Lolo). I can’t think  of  any.

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